OCEN Studios is developing the world's first fully VR compatible, AAA social+competitive P2E platform, The Fish Tank, an immersive, marine environment, gaming experience, utilising a seamless Play-2-Earn blockchain foundation. The Fish Tank ecosystem will be easily navigable by anyone, whether a crypto pro or a first-time player.

The Fish Tank is a large-scale, multiplayer, battle royale set in the sunken depths within the OCEN metaverse.Players will be able purchase their gaming avatar, a minted NFT, each with a unique ‘skin’, and start play immediately. (There will also be a free version people can start with.) The initial playing experience will be intuitive, simple to learn and quickly gratifying.


Then gamers will discover that there are deeper tactical and strategic challenges and opportunities in the game environment, which bring greater rewards. Gamers can hang out with their friends while enjoying player-versus-player (PVP) high intensity combat between avatars or join forces to conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges in player-versus-environment (PVE) gameplay, all the while winning $PERL cryptocurrency utility tokens. There will be an in-game marketplace where players will be able to exchange $PERLs for in-game items, services, merchandise, NFTs, as well as trade on other well-known exchanges outside of our ecosystem and monetize their rewards.

The Fish Tank will be just the first of multiple game options that will be developed for the OCEN Studios metaverse. Please view the video below for a reference of what future gameplay will look like.